Gothic Artist Spotlight: Voltaire

Voltaire: singer, performer, true artist. He is the maker of toys, music, books, art and twisted dreams. Welcome to the dark realm of the gothic artist Voltaire.

Voltaire was born on January 25, 1967, in Havana, Cuba. His legal name is Aurelio Voltaire Hernández but now is known solely as Voltaire. As a young child he immigrated to new jersey with his family. At the young age of seventeen he moved to New York. He claims that other than Japan, New York is his only home.     

Voltaire has been recording and touring for the past fifteen years and released a total of eight full-length albums. His shows are known for exciting dark stories and mysterious games. Fans describe it as sitting around a campfire, relaxed and intriguing. With songs such as, God Thinks, When You’re Dead and All Woman are Crazy it is hard to believe this singer hasn’t caused more of a disturbance with his edgy lyrics and black clad costumes.

Voltaire is also the creator of creepy gothic toys. A large number of the plush and vinyl dolls he has created were based off of characters from comic books he wrote. His creepy characters were introduced to the toy market all the way back in 2004. Since then he has continued to release more characters and gothic inspired toys.

Voltaire is not only an artist and toymaker; he is also a bestselling author. Voltaire is best known for his short book called What is Goth. (On a side note I recommend all of you babybats check of this book. It has been my experience that it is hard to get your hand on it but once you do it is an enlightening treat.) Along with What is Goth, author Voltaire has also wrote a number of other books including, Paint it Black, Deady and most recently Call of The Jersey Devil.

Of course being all of this isn’t enough for Mr. Voltaire. He is also known as video markers. His latest venture is in the field of stop-motion animation. Before this latest turn he worked as a director in the far gone eighties.

To see Voltaire true persona I suggest checking out some of the interviews he has participated in. One of my favorites is Voltaire — What is Goth?( In this video Voltaire discusses the roots of Goth, misconceptions and why kids become Goth. Also, you tuber Kill Natalie does a great review in her video Goth Artist Spotlight: Voltaire (

Stay tuned for my discussion on what Goth really is.

Stay Freaky.